Development Darts program

Darts 20 release 1
- Some bugs repaired.

Darts 19 release 1
History log of all played matches.
- Computer plays slow option.
- Match graph changed and added on macOS.
- Various visual improvements.
- Some bugs repaired.

Darts 17 release 1
- Appearance 501 is changed.
- The best place Number of darts displayed in statistics.
- Now is indicated whose leg has begun.
- Now that indicates who the set began.
- Practise against the computer (x01) now choose who goes first.
- Several bugs fixed.

Darts 16 release 3
- Bug settings is fixed.
- Bug display scorebord 501 is fixed.
- Bug in order of legs is fixed.
- Several small adjustments.

Darts 16 release 2
- A bug in group games is fixed.

Darts 16 release 1
-Some visual enhancements.
-Improved translation.
-Some Bugs fixed.
-Setting up a group gameĀ is now more user-friendly.
-Option greater numbers added Tactics.
-Up Best 31 legs added to x01. This allows you to play any system of PDC and BDO.
-Up Best 13 sets added to x01. This allows you to play any system of PDC and BDO.
-Top 10's replaced by top 25's

Darts 15 release 3
- A bug in group games is fixed.

Darts 15 release 2
- Some bugs fixed.

Darts 15 release 1
- In group games the sequence of games can be defined yourself.
- The game 170 is extended with the ability to throw random outshots
- In the 170 game you can not enter impossible outshots anymore. For this purpose is now built a filter.

Darts 14 release 1
- Tactics made more user friendly.
- Tactics improved layout.
- Halve it improved layout.
- Maximize also for halve it.
- Complete visual update of the full program.
- Bugfix scrollbar at group games.
- Settings easy to find on one window and a simple menu.
- At settings now added the posibility to permanently erase statistics, results and top 10's.
- Halve it now for 8 players.

Darts 13 release 2
- Some small reported bugs fixed.

Darts 13 release 1
- Maximize for each screen.
- Maximize also tactics.
- Visual adjustment showing standings..
- General visual improvement (no pixelated display)
- Pool game system to best of 11 legs
- Scrolling through schedule at pool

Darts 12 release 1
- Filter on score entry to disable impossible check-out options.
- Bug in all time statistics view restored.
- Filter on forbidden characters at name entry.

Darts 11 release 2
- Re-release in the English language.
- Some small reported bugs fixed.

Darts 11 release 1
- Some small reported bugs fixed.

Darts10 release 4
- First relase in the English language.